Day 4 – P90X – Yoga X

Ok, I’m back. Not that I went anywhere, but I wasn’t able to do P90X at my normal 6:30am time slot. My body basically gave me the middle finger and said, “No, you will stay in bed, you mean torturer person.” I obliged and did my workout when I got home.

p90x-yoga-x-half-moon-512x362So yoga – I’ve never done it before. And I didn’t think it was particularly difficult. Yet everyone who has tried it, and does it, expressed very different experiences than my mind conceived. It turns out… they were right, I was wrong.

The workout is divided into 2 segments, each about 45 minutes. The first half is yoga, and the second is balance and flexibility. But I didn’t know this when I started.

During the first part (of which I thought I was doing a 90 minute yoga session), I learned all kinds of yoga moves (some of which repeat way too much, ouch) and wanted to yell back to Tony (the leader) that “I am not a rubberband, stop it!” However he didn’t hear me and kept on forward. I made it about 35 minutes into the routine – and then had to stop. So I did some stretching as I listened to the instructions on screen. I was about to stop when he announced the end of the session. Wondering what came next, I listened. Turns out I could do most of the balance and flexibility work – but only to a degree. I’m out of shape and not very flexible. This reminder comes to me each day I do this, but I am only on Day 4. Today, I cannot face my hips left and turn my waist 180 to the right and say hello to the wall behind me yet. But those guys in the video can, and I will too.

One day… Oh, and, runner’s pose can go to hell.

Being supportive, my coach, Tanner, said this:

Yoga is the one workout that every one bitches about, me included. But once you get into it and do it a few times you will get really good and appreciate it more!

And I agree! Despite this small rant, I definitely feel good, and I will probably keep this workout for the afternoon. I am also learning how to bring it more each day.