Unfinished Business

Unfinished Business

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About the Book

When Dante realizes the supernatural world is much, much bigger than he ever imagined, he must make friends wherever possible or face an impossible life on the run.

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About the Author
Damien Shadows

Damien Shadows is the supernatural horror pen name for author Damien Benoit-Ledoux.

This is the darker, sinister, sexier side of Damien’s mind, a place where fantastic antiheroes defend our world from supernatural forces who run afoul in the epic struggle of good versus evil.

Damien strongly believes the real world we live in should be a place where LGBTQ equality and respect are second nature and never questioned. When he's not working or spending time with his husband, their son, and their dog, Damien weaves this philosophy into the exciting lives of his characters and the fantastic space battles and romances they endure so they'll stop taking over his dreams at night.

And finally, he wants you to remember a very important thing: no matter how bad your day is at work, it’s always important to be grateful that you don’t work for a Sith Lord.

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