Alpha Readers Wanted for My Galaxy Series

It’s time. Be a part of the excitement.

Join the Team – Become an Alpha Reader!

The first people to read my Galaxy Series drafts on my Advanced Reader Team are called Alpha Readers. An alpha reader is someone I trust who won’t mind reading the not-fully-polished draft. Alpha readers provide feedback by telling me what parts they loved and what parts they didn’t quite understand, what characters they adored and what characters felt underdeveloped. The alpha reader is kind but honest; someone who will encourage me to embark on my next stage of revisions and give me some helpful notes. Alpha readers receive credit in the final publication and a free paperback.

(Text adapted from this source.)


Let me know. You need to be able to access and work in Google Docs. This offer is only open to friends, family, and co-workers first.⠀

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