Stop Motion Superhero Book Series

cover-coming-soonStop Motion Series

  • Type: Young Adult Superhero Series
  • Genre: Science Fiction and Superhero
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Stop Motion is the story of Quinn McAlester and his best friend Blake Hargreaves, high school classmates who acquire super powers through a freak accident. Quinn is a mildly popular, in-the-closet gay and kindhearted guy who lacks the confidence to be himself wants to see his friends and classmates strive to live their best life. Blake is an unpopular student with an impatient attitude and short-fused temper who resents anyone who seems to have it easy in life. As time passes and their super powers grow, Quinn and Blake’s friendship crumbles and the boy must make difficult choices. In Stop Motion, an unsuspecting hero will rise above his insecurities and face unexpected challenges and heartbreak as he discovers just how dangerous super powers really are.

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Stop Motion | Book 1
Stop Motion | Book 2
Stop Motion | Book 3


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